Everybody Has A Story.

Another Successful Performance!

Stay tuned for more performances coming up from Ultrasuede Productions. We are currently working on another show for a couple Fringe Festivals coming up.

Based out of Lodi, California, Jaye Lee Vocque’s Based on Actual Events debuted on September 10, 2016 at the San Francisco Fringe Festival receiving a BEST OF FRINGE award. In 2017, taking it to the Nugget Fringe Festival receiving a BEST OF FRINGE and PEOPLE’S CHOICE awards. He’s performed in numerous spots in California, and most recently the Tuscon Fringe Festival in Arizona and in Dallas, TX at the Dallas Solo Fest.

“His genuinely loving storytelling style brought the room into the world of his show.” 

~Kit M Yan, Fringe Performer

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Jaye is adamant. Everybody has a story. Does there have to always be a ‘lesson to learn’? Or can you just…‘be’? Join this modern day jester as he shares his tale of love, heartache, whiskey, streaking, and what happens when you’ve never figured out when to shut up.

“His stories are vibrant and there is never a dull moment. It’s a relatable, dramatic, funny, heartfelt, and moving show.”

~The Fringe Review

“In the tradition of traveling storytellers I hope that my tales inspire others to share their own stories. And, in fact, encourage it through the use of the hashtag #EverybodyHasAStory at my performances in order to keep the Story alive.”

“It is alternatively touching and funny (sometimes both at the same time!)…J. Lee Vocque’s relationship to people in his life is subtle and nuanced and insightful and touching.

~Bill H, Fringer

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